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Oct 1–5, 2019

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Nov 26–30, 2019

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The Great Gatsby

Feb 25–29, 2020

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Waiting for Godot

May 11–16, 2020

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Twelve Angry Men

8 October, 2019

by Reginald Rose
arranged by Margaret Byskov

This playreading is a chance for our newcomers to take the limelight. Come out and support our newest members, or long-time members as they first grace the stage!

A young delinquent is on trial for the murder of his violent father. Eleven members of the jury declare the boy guilty beyond reasonable doubt. One juror holds out hoping to give the boy a chance. How will it end?

If you are interested in participating in the playreading, please fill out the form below. The arranger will be in touch to cast it two weeks to one month before the show.