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22 January, 2019

by Friedrich Durrenmatt, adapted and translated by Gore Vidal
arranged by Wolfgang Schutt

Romulus, last of the Roman Emperors, is convinced that Rome has had it and refuses to contemplate a future which he cannot judge.

The play is a historically incorrect satire showing the demise of the Roman Empire in the 5th century. There is obviously an analogy here with the present: The grass is apt to look greener in the other fellow’s civilization – until you get there. And wars are silly – then and now. The entire evening is filled with wry and witty observations which (Romulus) takes pains to have recorded for posterity, and the general atmosphere of the threadbare court is well suited to the hilarious machinations of a Greek art dealer, the pants tycoon, a wily monarch from Byzantium, the effeminate keeper of the household and the uncompromising queen.