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Crocodiles and The Monkey's Paw

5 June, 2018

by Vyzantia Pyriochou Guy and WW Jacobs, respectively
arranged by Christina Vasala Kokkinaki and Annette Schutt

Two one-act plays - a black comedy and a supernatural short story - will entertain you this evening.

In Crocodiles, four women stand around the grave of Mr. Demosthenes Zogopoulos right after his funeral. One is the legitimate widow. The others though? Who is shedding crocodile tears and when will the masks fall off?

This black comedy set in the modern Greek countryside deals with life choices, dead ends, the need to close our eyes to things we fear and the need to hide. Because we all have dark secrets, don’t we?

The Monkey's Paw by WW Jacobs, adapted by Louis N. Parker, is a classic, even amazing, story of supernatural suspense. The monkey's paw is a magical artifact. Anyone who owns it gets three wishes granted. They come true — but never precisely as you wish, so that you get what you want at great cost to yourself.

In this story, the Whites get the paw from Sergeant-Major Morris. When they wish for wealth, they get money from the company where their son works...what are the other two wishes? Let’s find out and be careful what you wish for...