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Oct 2–6, 2018

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24 June, 2017

by Aristophanes
arranged by Christina Vasala Kokkinaki

An ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, this special year-end playreading will be performed in the garden of GEDS member David Lewis. Please be advised that this play contains explicit language and sexual content.

Despite it being play that was first performed in Athens in the fifth century BC, Lysistrata deals with the foolishness of war and gender battles remaining thus pertinent in our days. Lysistrata is an Athenian woman with an elaborate plan on how to end the Peloponnese war and the Athenian and Spartan women respond enthusiastically to it. Aristophanes' language is poetic yet vulgar, so be prepared! A few adaptations will be made to bring some modern twists to the play.

This event is free for members and non-members. You are welcome to arrive from 17:30, and do bring food to have your picnic. The reading will begin at 18:15. There will be a bar where you can buy drinks. Bring something to sit on in the garden.


David Lewis' garden in Ferney Voltaire, 22 rue de Genève, Tel: +33 450 40 52 92

The rue de Genève is part of the road which goes through Ferney-Voltaire in a straight line from Geneva and the tunnel under the airport towards Gex.

At the big roundabout after the douane coming from Geneva, take the exit marked "Centre Ville", with the Buffalo Grill on your left. That is rue de Genève.

Number 22 is on the left of this road down a private gravel drive immediately after the third speed bump and opposite a public phone box. (Misleadingly, the number 22 is actually fixed to a grey house on the road, but number 22 is in fact the off-street house at the end of the gravel drive.)

People coming by car are requested to park in the rue de Genève or in the car park on the other side of the rue de Genève (where the phone box is).

Someone coming by bus from Geneva (F or Y) should get out at the second bus-stop after the tunnel and douane, that is to say "Brunette". Then cross the road, retrace steps towards the big roundabout and turn right into rue de Geneve.