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May 2–6, 2017


24 June, 2017

by Aristophanes
arranged by Christina Vasala Kokkinaki

An ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, to be performed in the garden of a GEDS member - venue TBD.

Despite it being play that was first performed in Athens in the fifth century BC, Lysistrata deals with the foolishness of war and gender battles remaining thus pertinent in our days. Lysistrata is an Athenian woman with an elaborate plan on how to end the Peloponnese war and the Athenian and Spartan women respond enthusiastically to it. Aristophanes' language is poetic yet vulgar, so be prepared! A few adaptations will be made to bring some modern twists to the play.

If you are interested in participating in the playreading, please fill out the form below. The arranger will be in touch to cast it two weeks to one month before the show.