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The Actor's Nightmare and Words, Words, Words

30 October, 2018

by Christopher Durang and David Ives, respectively
arranged by Marc Checkley

Enjoy these two comic one-acts by some of America's funniest playwrights.

The Actor's Nightmare is a short comic play by Christopher Durang. It involves an accountant named George Spelvin, who is mistaken for an actor's understudy and forced to perform in a play for which he doesn't know any of the lines.

Words Words Words, by David Ives, is about Kafka, Milton, and Swift, three intelligent chimpanzees who are put in a cage together under the experimenting eye of a never seen Dr. Rosenbaum, a scientist testing the hypothesis that three apes hitting keys at random on typewriters for an infinite amount of time will almost surely produce Shakespeare's play Hamlet.