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Acting Workshop: Movement

Monday, June 25, 2018


Led by Larry Wagner

Explore movement expression suitable for actors and actresses. This workshop aims to teach you to use your entire body into your performance. It will be a fun and safe space to let loose through fun-filled exercises. Free for GEDS members, 20 CHF for non-members.

A movement workshop designed to get your entire body into your performance. You will play with your body and explore the joy of gesticulating in a group.

We will focus on body and breathing work, group mind scene creation and staging, making strong physical choices, and increasing urgency and selling IT, no matter what IT is.

You will dance, emote, embody, and create instant masterpieces, guaranteed.

For Whom?

Great for everyone interested in exploring movement in acting.

What to wear and bring along

Wear comfortable clothes and bring some water and snacks along, if you wish.

To register, please contact our workshops manager Christina indicating your full name and whether you are a GEDS member or not.

About Larry Wagner

Larry has been involved in theater since age 9. He has performed in professional and amateur productions. Larry has also been performing and teaching theatrical improvisation for children and adults, as well as business groups and teams.

Holy Trinity Church, 14 bis Rue du Mont-Blanc, Geneva.