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Oct 2–6, 2018

Online booking opens Sep 8, 2018

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Playreading workshop

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Come participate in this GEDS Workshop led by Alan Leather, Siân Ackroyd, and Gary Bird and gain useful knowledge on how to arrange a playreading! Free for GEDS members, 20 CHF for non-members.

The Workshop will cover the basic guidelines to follow when arranging a playreading: what falls under the responsibility of the arranger and what is under the responsibility of the Committee? How do you pick a play, how do you cast, what do you do for sound, lights, costumes, props, set? The Workshop will demonstrate different approaches when arranging a playreading and will make sure you are prepared to arrange one yourself. It'll be fun and you'll learn heaps!

For whom?

The Playreading Workshop is addressed both to new members who want to learn about the different approaches in arranging a playreading but also to more experienced members who have arranged or acted in playreadings and would like to share their views.

What to wear and bring along

Wear comfortable clothes and bring refreshments and snacks for yourself or to share with others.

To reserve your spot, please email our workshops manager Christina at with your full name and whether you are a GEDS member.


The deadline to propose playreadings for the next season (September 2017-June 2018) is 30 June 2017! Please note that you need to be a GEDS member to propose and arrange a playreading.

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