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Oct 2–6, 2018

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Improv fun and games session

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Organized and presented by the Renegade Saints

"Just improvise." Are those the two scariest words in the English language for you? This workshop is intended to change all that! This session led by Renegade Saints members will give you a fun and safe space to let loose, get silly, and learn suspend judgment of yourself and others. Free for GEDS members, 20 CHF for non-members.

In the theatre and in improv, people come together (behind the scenes and center stage) to create an exciting new world for their audiences. At this session we'll distill the principles of improv so that you can apply them to any team in your life - in the theatre or elsewhere.

Get ready to be taken out of your comfort zone, expand your creativity, and build your confidence in an active and fun-filled evening of improv. Learn to accept your own and your partner’s ideas and make your scene partner look good, all through fun exercises and games that will stretch your imagination.

For whom?

Great for actors and non-actors alike interested in exploring the concepts of improv in a fun and welcoming environment. All are welcome, from complete beginners to advanced improvisers.

What to wear and bring along

Wear comfortable clothes and bring refreshments and snacks for yourself or to share with others.

To reserve your spot, please email our workshops manager Christina with your full name and whether you are a GEDS member.

About the Renegade Saints

The Renegade Saints are a multi-national English-language improvisation troupe based right here in Geneva. They are a well-oiled improv comedy machine, having performed together for four years and playing to audiences of 120+ in their popular monthly shows in Geneva. Members of the Renegade Saints who have appeared on the GEDS main or playreading stage include Sam Al-Hamdani, Robert Bartram, Katt Cullen, Pablo González Silva, Viki Lazar, and Daire O'Doherty.

Scouts, Rue du Pré-Jérôme 5, 1205 Genève.