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Oct 2–6, 2018

Online booking opens Sep 8, 2018

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Performance: Kreutzer vs. Kreutzer

a play by Laura Wade

directed by Mary Brace with assistance from Viki Lazar

Free admission

We are pleased to invite you to the performance of this fascinating play. GEDS has been helping masters student Mary Brace with this production, her final recital at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève.

Written for a cast of two actors as well as musicians, namely string quartet and a violin-piano duo, in this play chamber music is intertwined with portentous drama. Mary has been collaborating with GEDS members Viki Lazar, Daire O'Doherty, and Noelle Rentsch.

It is a marriage of three great works: Beethoven’s Op. 47 Kreutzer Sonata, Janáček’s first string quartet of the same name and Tolstoy’s novella, The Kreutzer Sonata. The musical pieces impart their emotionally charged temperaments to Tolstoy's stormy and tumultuous tale, ultimately leaving us with the question: can music truly compel a man to murder?

Actors: Daire O'Doherty and Noelle Rentsch

Musicians: Mary Brace, Rusudan Alavidze Goerner, Borbála Szuromi, Marc Kopitzki and Alejandro Martin-Segovia

Please contact Viki with any questions about the production.

Conservatoire Populaire Musique, Danse et Théâtre, 7, rue François d’Ivernois, 1206 Geneva.